Substance Misuse Awareness for HCP’s

Substance Misuse Awareness for Healthcare Professionals


NurseA short course designed to benefit those healthcare professionals who may come into contact with patients and even employees who may on first impression be under the influence of illicit, over the counter, or presecribed drugs.

While recognising that some training may have been given to such personnel, it may be diffciult in some circumstances to identify whether a person is ill or under the influence of a substance.

Course Aim

To provide relevant personnel with the skills and knowledge to recognise the symptoms and signs of a person under the influence of illicit drugs.

Course Objectives

By the end of the session the delegate will be better able to:

    1. Summarise and assess how drug influence recognition is used to detect signs and symptoms indicative of drug impairment
    2. Identify and describe the seven categories of drug
    3. Demonstrate a knowledge of the onset and duration of the effects of illicit drugs
    4. Demonstrate a knowledge of the signs of overdose of each category of drug
    5. Compare and Contrast the use of a single drug against poly drug use

Course Duration and delegate numbers

Duration: 1 Day

Numbers: Min 8 – Max 15

Cost: on application

Location: This course can be run at a location specified by the client or determined by Blueknight as appropriate

Target delegates

      • Social Services
      • Primary Care Trusts
      • Custody Nurses
      • Company Nursing Staff
      • Registered Healthcare Professionals
      • Paramedics and other ambulance personnell



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