Let’s get SMAART©

Some years ago the company developed an all in one answer to the growing problem of drugs in the workplace, a subject that I have spoken on before. This programme uses the acronym SMAART © (Substance Misuse Awareness And Recognition Training) and I’d like to think that it is the only programme you need to answer the vexed question of what to do about a drug and alcohol policy, or a particularly difficult employee with drug or alcohol issues, but don’t know what to do about it.

SMAARTSMAART© is split into three parts that can be used altogether as one holistic response to the problem, or broken down into it’s component parts and used in a bespoke fashion to suit your company’s specific situation.

  • Business SMAART ©
    • Concentrates on the needs to be addressed by management, unaware that they may have a problem
    • Business SMAART provides a series of short workplace seminars aimed at senior and middle management providing an overview of the problem – a sort of ‘State of the Nation’ address.
    • The seminars will also discuss such issues as how to deal with disruptive employees that may be under the influence, provides the right guidance on written D&A policies from the beginning to the end, including the provision of appropriate counselling and traditional drug and alcohol testing.
  • Workplace SMAART©
    • The programme concentrates on the subject of workplace impairment and would be delivered to workplace supervisors and managers with a responsibility for personnel
    • Workplace SMAART identifies the problems surrounding impairment to work and develops a method of non-invasive Workplace Impairment Testing (WIT©) to identify employees who are unfit to work.
    • W.I.T can be developed as an intermediate process before the need to go to the invasive process of saliva, urine, blood or hair testing.
  • Observation SMAART©
    • The implementation of a drug and alcohol policy will of course require an understanding of what to look for in the first place, so using a recognised and scientific approach to drug recognition techniques, a series of seminars will show the signs and symptoms of drug use and abuse.
    • These seminars can be delivered to all employees, or just those managers and staff supervisors that need the appropriate knowledge. If they are trained as W.I.T. Practitioners, then this training in Drug Recognition is included in that training

The majority of companies are aware that they have a corporate responsibility to protect the environment in which their employees work. Disruption by one individual because of their drug or alcohol abuse can have a ‘knock on’ effect on everyone’s performance.As a business in these times of economic austerity, company’s need to ensure that they are able to work at full capacity with their workforce 100% engaged. Absenteeism, accidents etc, cost UK businesses upwards of £8Bn per annum because of drug and alcohol problems.

We like to think that this SMAART programme is a one stop shop with an ability to provide you with all you need to make your company compliant.

So, consider getting SMAART and call or email to arrange a consultation.

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